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        浙江力积电子拥有无可挑剔的自有知识产权和设计团队,是国际领先的DRAM存储器设计,制造和销售公司。依靠久经考验的上下游供应链支持,公司具有国内最可靠的DRAM产品长期供应能力,并持续专注于高性能、低功耗DRAM内存产品研发,产品涵盖所有主流DRAM存储器类型,能够提供业界最完整的中低容量DRAM内存解决方案。 在未来3年内,浙江力积电子预计年均销售额将达到5亿人民币,涵盖客户包括国内一线厂商。 过去50多年来,全球信息化浪潮带动了DRAM市场的指数增长。与此同时,大数据、人工智能等新应用的兴起,带动了DRAM市场的结构性调整,传统高度集中的标准化DRAM难以适应推陈出新的应用需求,为创新型企业提供了广阔的机会。


        Zhejiang Zentel Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in March 2020 (registered address: Room 1005, 10th Floor, No. 1088, Zhenghan South Street, Xiaoshun Town, Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province).

        Zhejiang Zentel Electronics has impeccable own intellectual property rights and design team, and is the world's leading DRAM memory design, manufacturing and sales company. Relying on the proven upstream and downstream supply chain support, the company has the most reliable long-term supply of DRAM products in China, and continues to focus on the research and development of high-performance, low-power DRAM memory products. The products cover all mainstream DRAM memory types and can provide the industry's most Complete medium and low-capacity DRAM memory solutions. In the next three years, Zhejiang Zentel Electronics is expected to have an average annual sales of 500 million yuan, covering domestic first-tier customers. Over the past 50 years, the global informatization wave has driven the exponential growth of the DRAM market. At the same time, the rise of new applications such as big data and artificial intelligence has driven the structural adjustment of the DRAM market. Traditional highly concentrated standardized DRAMs are difficult to adapt to the needs of innovative applications, providing broad opportunities for innovative enterprises.

        Under the background of global semiconductor production capacity and demand shifting to China, Zhejiang Zentel Electronics Co., Ltd. actively explores the international and domestic markets, based on Jinhua, establishes and cultivates a complete DRAM memory design, sales and technical support team in China, and provides Chinese customers with Localized services, provide the best DRAM storage solutions from an international perspective, help customers improve product competitiveness, participate in and promote the vigorous development of China's semiconductor industry.